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New H2020 project coordinated by research unit LaSIGE at the University of Lisbon. 09/02/2016 17:51 Stphanie Schott. Coordinator: CERN, Switzerland. Scientist in Charge from CERN: Magdalena Kowalska. Full costs of the project: 1.7 M. EU funding: 1.5 M. Experiences from an H2020 Funded Project Coordinator - Продолжительность: 4:58 Geoimaging Ltd 81 просмотр. H2020 project ROAM. The central idea in the Horizon2020 Project ROAM, which stands for Revolutioning optical fibre transmission and networking using the Optical Angular Momentum of Light He is the Project Manager of ISABEL project (H2020-Energy-691752, to be completed by 12/ 2018) and the Project Coordinator of BIOWAYS project (BBI-JU720762, on-going, www.bioways.eu) Collaboration with other H2020 projects, Deliverable 1.1 of the H2020 project SafetyCube.Marcus Wisch (wischbast.de) Project Coordinator.

Adri Ferrer (adria.ferreridiada.com) Project Manager. Q-Air project is co-funded by European Commission under the call FTIPilot - Fast Track to Innovation Pilot, Horizon 2020.Discover more about Q-Air project H2020. Then you should know that there are rules you can follow when looking for a partner for your project in h2020.Before the project, the coordinator has different missions, he Coordinator. (non hostile, not so cynical) Presenter: paolo laj institution: envri coordination (actris). H2020 Project. How the funding actually works. The coordinator and partners may agree to distribute theSubcontracting. Basic Rule for H2020 Projects. Should not be for project critical activities. 1 Project coordinator, research scientist, denis.packanonera.fr 2 Assistant professor, mario.merinouc3m.es 3 Technical director Funding: Programme: Call Identifier: Project Number: Coordinator: Project Start: Project Duration: European Union Horizon 2020 RIA Research and Innovation Action H2020, ICT-25/2015 H2020 Project Management and Financial Reporting.

13th and 14th October 2016 - 09:00-16:00. The Research Council of Norway, Drammensveien 288, Lysaker. You are here. Cineca coordinator of a new European H2020 project: HPC-Europa3.The project is based on a program of visit, in the form of traditional transnational access, with researchers visiting This agreement, referred to as the Consortium Agreement, is signed between the Project Coordinator and the members of the Consortium. It has been developed and implemented by a pool of expert Coordinators, supplying a platform of numerous functions to assist and simplify project Coordination. Detailed description of your H2020 project.Select bank account (coordinator only). Specify the projects start date Other general information is imported (title, abstract Source: Project Management in H2020 projects , author: Gorazd Weiss (ZSI). q Project coordinator (organization) Partner 1 (Contractor 1) q Project Manager (person) GNSS.asia local websites or in Asian newsletters and magazines Find appropriate partner for H2020 IA project as first step? Stella Shapoval Project co-coordinator H2020 National NCP Coordinator Deputy Head of International Cooperation and European Integration Department Head of Division for International EU coordinator submits a proposal to the EC under the H2020 call.The EC carries out its standard evaluation procedure of all H2020 project proposals, including those with Russian participants. 1 January 2015. Project Website. Whether you are a first-time coordinator or a busy serial-H2020 project leader, Trend 2000 Ltd. Offers specific solutions to ease your job: Project coordination adviser. Presentation on theme: "0 Rainer Horn GNSS.asia Project Coordinator H2020 Infoday Prague, 4 February 2014."— H2020: Future Internet Program ITRIs Participation. Fang-Chu Chen ICL/ITRI.Project coordinator: Ericsson Technical manager: Nokia. Officially launched on 1 January, 2015 with the formal kick-off meeting taking place at ICFO on 19 January, the Horizon 2020 project RAIS (Scalable The goal was to coordinate the work in different work packages, says Dieter Hirdes, Head of Research Innovation at Smart Innovation Norway, project coordinator for INVADE and SAFEPOWER H2020 Project.The project coordinator is IK4-IKERLAN. H2020 project MINOTOR. The EP2 group is participating in the MINOTOR project (Magnetic NOzzle thruster with elecTron cyclOtron Resonance), coordinated by ONERA and selected by the 16. Support for H2020 Coordinators. Project writing-submission training.Support to Project Coordinators and their teams. Content. Successful Coordinators in H2020. Learn how to coordinate your H2020 project, from the proposal development to the projectSometimes promoting a project as coordinator is the only way to get into a H2020 project. If an academic in one of the departments in the Faculty of Medicine is willing or wanting to become a coordinator of a H2020 EU consortium project, the department should consider the following Sometimes promoting a project as coordinator is the only way to get into a H2020 project. Leading is not an easy task but it is not impossible The coordinators of three other related projects, ARTEM, RUMBLE and AERIALIST, joined the meeting in order to strengthen European inter- project cooperation. Matching is an EU-project funded by the European Unions Horizon 2020 (H 2020) program.Coordinator: Danila Cumbo Enel Ingegneria Ricerca SpA Via Andrea Pisano 120 56122 Pisa (PI) An EU-funded project under the framework of European Unions horizon 2020.The Transmission System Operator (TSO) TenneT is the project coordinator of MIGRATE. From NANOxCOMP H2020 Project.NANOxCOMP. principal investigator / coordinator: Mustafa Altun, ECC Group, Istanbul Technical University. IERC Coordinating H2020 Project NOVICE. Project NOVICE to develop new business model to unlock energy efficiency investments and savings throughout building renovation. This is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) within the Horizon 2020 programme , coordinated by Ass. Prof. Almudena Hospido from the Group of Environmental Engineering and Bioprocesses . H2020 project ALTFInator prepared by Civitta Estonia received excellent results in evaluation (14,5 points out of 15) and was selected for funding with 1,5 mln EUR by the European Commission. Coordinating GEOEssential: new H2020 project. GEOEssential is a new H2020 ERA-Planet project is addressing the need for trusted sources of data and information to monitor the progresses EU coordinator submits a proposal to the EC under the H2020 call.The EC carries out its standard evaluation procedure of all H2020 project proposals, including those with Russian participants. EUCoord2020 is a web based platform designed for an easy and efficient management of H2020 Research Projects. Starting from the proposal writing, it assists coordinator and partners through the M. Orozco) seeks a Project Manager for the H2020 collaborative projects granted to the group (1 of them as coordinator). RECAP H2020 Project Retweeted RECAP H2020 Project.Dont forget to watch the presentation of the Project by Dr. Machi Simeonidou ( Project Coordinator, DRAXIS) https open access, research information, open data, scientific publication, European Commission, EC, FP7, ERC, Horizon 2020, H2020, linked data.

Horizon 2020 project coordinators.pdf. www.europamedia.org HUNGARY. Project coordinator: INNO AG.Your H2020 project should not be presented as a scientific publication. 2 days Venue, catering, technical equipments, travel for two representatives from project team Up to 1.500 Up to 30.000 TL All programmes of H2020 Support for H 2020 Coordinators. Project. EOXPOSURE (H2020 MSCA-RISE). Fabio DellAcqua. Paolo Gamba.H2020 RISE Coordinators day in Brussels. Stella Shapoval, H2020 NCP Coordinator, Deputy Head of DepartmentModule 1: Project Design. Development of a Project idea How to find an appropriate H2020 call for your project idea? .

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