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If your MOT is expired but MOT test booked, are you still insured to drive.Hi my car faild its MOT yesterday the MOT expired today, can i drive my car across town to my dads to be fixed.thanks. "i have Mot and i have my insurence but my road tax is finished 31/7/13 can i still drive my car or not. "Faisal.Of course this is all well and good but in the meantime the tax disc has expired and being a self-employed cleaner she need a vehicle. MOT Failed - can I drive? CloneClown Posts: 6,296.In theory, this means that if it fails youve still got time to get quotes and get it fixed before the previous MOT actually expires. My MOT has already expired, can I drive my car?How can I check when my MOT expires? The VOSA website is able to let you know when your MOT expires. You will need your registration number and your V5 document reference number. If your cars MOT has expired, youre not allowed to drive that vehicle.Can I drive my car home after it fails the MOT? Yes, but only in cases where you already have a valid MOT i.e. if youre getting your car tested early while the previous MOT is still valid. MOT expired in The AnswerBank: How it Works.

The grace period for MOTs is given before they expire. Ive just found out my MOT is a week out of date as Ive need to tax it todayCan I drive on my MOT expiry date? If I take the MOT test early and it fails, can I still drive until the old MOT expires? We strongly recommend against this as driving an un-roadworthy vehicle is dangerous to you, your passengers and to other road users. Answer: No you can not drive the car in the meantime. You can only legally drive the car to the MOT Test Centre. Back to Questions. Exactly 7 days until my MOT expires. Still on the hunt for the best car 500 will get me. Starting to think Im going to run out of time. 7:52 AM - 16 Jan 2018. Readers Comment. My MOT runs out on 26th June 2012 being tested today 20th June 2012, if it fails can i still legally drive it? Mny thanks.Readers Comment. My mot expires on the 30TH dec 2011,can I drive IT on that date ? Paul,gloucester. We can reprint your MOT certificate for a small fee of 10 providing you bring your vehicle log book (V5) with you. My MOT has expired, can I stillIt is illegal to drive a car once your MOT has expired. The only exception to this is if you are driving your vehicle to a pre-booked test at an MOT testing station. What if your MOT expires? Driving a car without a valid MOT can result in a fine of up to 1000. It could mean your insurance is invalid too.

If your car fails its MOT on the same day as the MOT expires, you can still drive it. But you need one of two very good reasons. My mot expires today can i still drive it.Can i drive my car if my mot expires 31 dec? Where in uk can u drive without a mot? Is it legal to drive if waiting for repair after mot fail? If this happens before the MOT expires, the MOT certificate for your car is still valid. If you know the car will not be deemed roadworthy and you will not have the certificate after its expiration date, you can take precautionary steps by getting the car modified.If my car fails its MOT, can I drive it? Driving and transport. Vehicle tax, MOT and insurance.To help us improve GOV.UK, wed like to know more about your visit today. Well send you a link to a feedback form. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Youre only allowed to drive your car when its MOT has expired if youve booked an MOT and are driving to the test centre.If your car fails its MOT, you can only drive it if the previous years MOT is still valid (i.e. the test took place on a date earlier than last years). My MOT expires today - I did tell them at the garage that it expired today but they said they would not MOT it until they had sorted out the electrical problem with long as you are not driving it thats fine. If My MOT Fails, Is My Old MOT Date Still Valid? Even if you still have some time left before your old certificate expires, we strongly recommend against it unless we believe it is safe to do so. You will be advised either way. It is dangerous to drive an My MoT expires four days before the 40 year exemption begins - what do I do?The repair quote was just over 5000, so they wrote it off as Cat N. Now I plan to have the wing replaced as it doesnt look nice, but it did pass an MoT today so the car is safe. My car has failed its MOT, can I still drive it?You may take your car for a MOT one month before it the certificate expires. Though because your car has failed there are faults with the vehicle so if you do get stopped by the police you could be prosecuted because your vehicle could not be roadworthy. My MOT has expired - can I still drive my car? The only time you are permitted to drive once the MOT is expired is when driving to a prebooked MOT test, or the repair centre for repairs to get through the MOT. MOT Test is what all cars need to drive legal on roads as I find out what happens if you drive your car without MOT this is what happens only with Danny Sloggett Vision will you seeOr do the service, what has to be done anyway Quite often if your diesel engine is fine, you still fail MOT on emissions. Right, my MOT expires tomorrow and was just wondering if I should be ok toIve already had it motd and it failed miserably, after today its getting scrapped.Well you cant drive a car thats failed an MOT, even if its still has one thats valid. To check the exact requirements, see the GOV.UK website or call us today.

However you are permitted to drive to a pre-booked MOT appointment at an MOT test centre and to drive away again if the vehicle has failed. Named the ten-year-test, or the Ministry of Transport test, it then became the MOT, as it is known today. 46 years on, the MOT test still exists, butI have been caught driving with an expired MOT. Ive lost the slip of paper with which to pay the fine, how can I pay it without the paper.desperate. You must not drive the vehicle if the MOT has expired. Help! I forgot my MOT!Dont be tempted to drive it to the shops as you could get into trouble. If you have forgotten your MOT you might also have forgotten to tax your it too! Jan 16, 2015 Youre only allowed to drive your car when its MOT has expired if youve booked an MOT and are driving to the test centre. If your car fails its MOT, you can only drive it if the previous years MOT is still Driving a vehicle thats failed. Another reason not to drive a vehicle without a valid MOT is because it can mean your car insurance is invalid. However, it should be noted that if your vehicle fails its MOT test on the same day that the valid MOT expires it can still be driven. This answer closely relates to: Mot expires today can i drive.9 - If payroll was processed today for netspend card will it still load today? it was processed later than normal. i normally get a direct deposit today f? New MOT failure rules coming in May 2018 and itll be harder for diesels to pass - Продолжительность: 7:24 THE CAR 170 просмотров. If your MOT has expired, then you need to get it booked in for a test immediately. When I was learning to drive, I heard all kinds of myths about missed MOTs, but the most prevalent was You can still drive your car for two weeks afterSo download the app today and stay safe, but importantly, stay legal! Can I drive My Car if it Fails the MOT?Providing your vehicle hasnt been noted as unroadworthy and dangerous, you can continue to drive it as normal and get a new, valid MOT before the old one expires. You will need a certificate if you are selling the car, but if you simply need to know the expiry date to make sure you are still legal, you can find this out for free atThe only time you are permitted to drive once the MOT is expired is when driving to a prebooked MOT test. As soon as your MOT has expired it becomes illegal to drive your car on the road.However, you will still need to get the faults corrected by the MOTs date of expiry or you wont get a new MOT certificate. You need an MOT before you can tax a vehicle, so if the MOT has expired you need to be able to get it to an MOT test centre.Q. My car has failed its MOT, can I still drive it? However, a lot of people are left asking if a vehicle fails its MOT, can they still drive it?If your vehicle has failed its MOT when the certificate has expired: The law states each vehicle over three years old needs to have a valid MOT certificate. You need to book the test before your three years of ownership expire no MOT means no insurance If you are driving a carAlthough people still talk about the MOT certificate, the whole thing is now online.Click on the button below to use our MOT Checker and book your car in with Protyre today! If your vehicle doesnt have an MOT you can drive it to or from a pre-arranged MOT or to or from a pre-arranged appointment to have defects remedied that were discovered on a previous MOT test. Can I still drive my car if it fails its MOT?You are free to have the repairs carried out wherever you wish and providing your previous certificate has not yet expired then you can still drive your car to another garage to have the repairs carried out. Comment by lisa posted on on 20 October 2014. where do i report a van with a expired mot on may 2014 it still driving it about with his kids and other peoples kids in the back.Today it still shows as not taxed on the Vehicle enquiry service. If the certificate is still live when the vehicle fails The date your certificate expires will be on the MOT certificate, and you can take your vehicle for an MOT up to a month inTherefore, it is recommended you get all faults with your car fixed as soon as possible, and not drive it in the meantime. Can I drive my car if my MOT certificate has expired?However, if you still have a couple of weeks until it expires, you can drive during this time.Complete list of schools closing across Scotland today due to snow. News. MOT test centres will be clearly marked with signs like this one. How can I check my MOT due date?However, if you still have a couple of weeks until it expires, you can drive during this time. Some owners dont realise that they can have their car tested up to a month before their MOT expires and still keep the same anniversary, which helps to avoid a last minute panic.Driving test - Are they cancelled today due to the snow and how can I change test date? So I dont need to get my car serviced? Yes, you still do.You can have the MOT testing done up to one calendar month before it expires and have the new MOT forward-dated to the expiry date of your existing certificate. My car failed its MOT, can I still drive it? Its illegal to drive with an invalid MOT certificate.Book online today and you will get Trust, Expertise, Price Guarantee, Quality Guarantee as standard. Mot question- my mot expires 2nd march, Im getting it tested tomorrow. If it fails can I still use it til the mot runs out or not any help appreciated thanks. Can I still drive it?If it fails you may drive it straight home again and nowhere else. There is no period of grace for MOTs. You could have had it done from 21 Sept without losing the anniversary date though so maybe good to bear that in mind next year. Vehicles are inspected by qualified persons and have to meet a common set of safety standards with the aim of reducing the risk of danger to the driver, passengers and other road users. My MOT has expired, can I still drive? I have the logbook and the service book, but have just seen that the MoT expired in April last year - before the accident happened.A: Whether its you or your wife, the registered owner will be liable to be prosecuted for driving without an MoT. The only time its legal to drive without one is if you are

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