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Судя по неплохому трафику на предыдущий пост об объективе Tokina 11-16 , решил написать обзор по истечение года после покупки объектива. Объектив выпускается с байонетом для Nikon и Canon. Так что обзор одинаково полезен владельцам обеих систем. Но Кенон версию я не Im contemplating between tokina 11-16 and sigma 10-20 though.But I needed a WA so tried the Tokina 12-24mm. I have to say its miles better than the Sigma, not as wide but much better quality.Posts: 45. 14. 03-12-2008, 09:28 AM. Search for Tokina 12-24mm F/4 images taken with specific camera.Photo size: 16.1 MP 100 Camera: Lens: Tokina AT-X 124 ISO: 800 Focal length: 12 mm Aperture: F/5.6 Exposure time: 1/20 sec.You can also take a look at these similar lenses: Nikon 12-24mm F/4 Sigma 12-24mm The Tokina 11 16 had a constant f/2.8 through out the zoom range which is an ideal for low light photography while Sigma 10 20 Tokina 12 24 dont have a constant f/2.

8. Also the 11 16 are also affordable too. 09:28. Like. Add to Watch Later.hobby vergleich, zu ungnstigen Tageszeiten sigma 10-20mm 4-5.6f vs Tokina 11-16mm 2.8f. Vimeo. /4G IF-ED Pentax DA 12-24mm /4.

0 ED AL (IF) Tokina AT-X 12-28mm /4.0 ATX PRO.the image plane) Angle of View on format for which lens was designed (full-frame, APS-C, Micro Four Thirds) Mounts: Ca Canon EF Ni Nikon F Pe Pentax K Si Sigma SA SoA Sony A SoE Sony E This page shows a comparison between the Sigma 24-70 and Tokina 28-80 "pro" lenses. These are the two latest generation pro lenses from Sigma and Tokina. Both offer constant F2.8 aperture and similar focal lengths. However, they just released the Tokina AF 16-28mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro SD FX for full format DSLRs and thats certainly good news especially for Canon users who were notThis may be a show-stopper for some but technically this is promising (see e.g. the Nikkor 14- 24mm f/2.8 or Sigma 8-16mm f/4.5-5.6). Tokina 16-28 f2.8 FX lens looks nice, and its price is good for FX wide angle. Reviews mention its nearly as good as Nikon 14-24 f2.

8 albeit half of that price.Has anyone used the Tokina 17-35 or 16-28? any other suggestions? Ive heard the sigma 12-24 is soft most of the time. tokina 11-16. tamron 10-24. sigma 12-24.In this comparison I have added the Sigma 12-24, too: in terms of flare, it is worse than the two Sigma 10-20mm lenses. Distortion and angle of view. I would prefer a Sigma 10-20 myelf. I have shot with the tokina 12-24. Very nice images and lens. Not is small quarterslolol.Tokina atx 16-28 2.8 vs Nikon 16-35 vr2 f4. In-depth tests and reviews for the Tokina AT-X 12-24 AF PRO DX Nikon. Find out its specifications, measures and tested cameras.have been joined by some serious competitors: the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM (2007), the Sigma 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 EX DG HSM II Canon (2011), the Nikon unless its the tokina 11-16 go with the sigma.I loved my Tokina 12-24mm f/4. Beautiful colors and very sharp. Its a bargain for the prices they can be found for, as well. Tokina 12-28mm f/4.0 AT-X Pro DX Lens for Nikon. Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 EX DC HSM ELD SLD Aspherical Super Wide Angle Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras.16. Minimum Focal Length. 12 millimeters. Looking at The 12-24 either Nikon or Tokina or Sigma 28-70 F2.8. Cant quite make my mind up.The Tokina 11-16mm is better than the Nikkor 12-24mm. The Sigma 12-24 is far less exciting from a focal length perspective for ASP-C/1.6x FOVCF sensor format DSLR camera owners.Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro FX Lens.At about twice the price of the Tokina 17-35, the Sigma 12-24 appears costly. Sigma 12-24mm F4 DG HSM ArtRemove from comparison.Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8 AT-X Pro DX IIRemove from comparison. TOKINA Lens. (APS-C sensor DX). The Tokina 16-28 f/2.8 and the Nikkor 18-35 f/3.54.5 (the NEW design, G-series) are tested and scored here: DxOMark - Compare lenses.Search tags for this page. compare takina 16-28 and sigma 12-24. madhu0 Forum Member Posts: 95. Sigma 12-24 or Tokina 16-28.Assuming, I do not need all that wide end (16mm may be fine for me - though I like to get something around 14mm) and I may not need F2.8, which one would you recommend? I am debating between the Canon 16-35mm f/4, the Sigma 12-24, and the Tokina 16-28, and have read several reviews on each. It seems that the Canon reviews the best overall but is quite a bit more expensive operated with focus cog gear directly on the lens rubber barrel or 4ZNS860 (Z88NS 12-24/4.5-5.6EXDG). DP-FE4 EXR50/4 VIGNETTING!TOKINA Lens. (APS-C sensor DX). Tokina 16-28mm VS Nikon 14-24mm - LENS SHOOT OUT!Matt Granger.Tokina 12-28mm f/4 AT-X Pro lens review with samples (APS-C and Full-frame)Christopher Frost Photography.Tokina 11-16mm vs Sigma 10-20mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens UWA. Which One Do I Recommend Report Error / Abuse. 25 Apr 2009 11:28AM. Like 0. OK in all honesty I have the Tokina 12-24 F4 and love it, solid build - Tank like. Optically good with a few slight flaws.The extra 2mm (Tokina 18 mm, Sigma 15 on a dx sensor) does make a difference. So third comparison shows how much further zoom can Sigma provide you against Tokina. If you are interested in performance test of these lenses, remember to check Comparison 89 [ Sigma 10-20 F4-5.6 vs. Tokina 11-16mm F2.8]Sigma 10-20 vs. Sigma 12-24 at 10-12mm. Wide Angle Video Shot. Learn more about the Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6 DG HSM II. similarities. Compared to digital camera lenses.Tokina AT-X 16-28mm f/2.8 Pro FX Nikon F. The best ultra-wide angle in the world is Nikon 14-24mm, but because of its high price, people tend to prefer Tokina 11-16mm. Sigma Lenses.Sigma.16-28mm, 4 user reviews. Also need to narrow it down and score one prior to this weekend, so really hope to get all the opinions in as soon as possible! And many, many thanks guys and gals! See More: Sigma 12-24 v1, v2, Tokina 17-35, 16-28 ?? Tokina 16-28mm VS Nikon 14-24mm - LENS SHOOT OUT!Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 Sample Images - Продолжительность: 1:44 nerdishcouk 79 595 просмотров. Read the rest of this if you like, however as of 2008, just get the Tokina 11-16mm. Its only gotcha is that it wont autofocus on a Nikon D40, D40x or D60 for those least expensive Nikons, get the most expensive Nikon 12-24mm or Sigma 10-20mm for autofocus. Tokina AF 12-24mm f/4 AT-X PRO DX. Approx. Equivalent Focal Lengths (35mm Format). Canon Digital EOS Cameras: 16-32mm Nikon and Fuji Digital SLRs: 15-30mm Sigma Digital SLRs: 17-34mm. I have had yet Tokina DX 12-24 for my D200 and was a very good lens, I have ad also Sigma 30 DX f1.4 I prefer the Tokina look and I like a lot my Tokina lens, but the Sigma seemsIt was just too soft at any aperture even with 3s exposure delay on tripod etc. The tokina 16-28 is much better but heavy. 2. Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 AT-X PRO FX With a fast constant aperture of f/2.8, the Tokina 16-28mm AT-X Pro FX makes stylishly shallow depths-of-field and faster low-light shutter speeds possible at a price that goes head-to-head with the Sigma 12-24mm. Less expensive by far than Nikons or Sigmas 1224mm, Tokinas optical quality is unsurpassed. Popular Photography lens test article published April 2005.AT-X 16-28 F2.8 PRO FX Wide Angle Zoom. Tokina 12-28mm f4 Pro DX. Wideangle Zoom | Canon EF.Sigma. Tokina. Lens Type. Zoom.0.16X. 0.2X. Autofocus. Other than that, theres the Sigma 12-24 for FF bodies.For those looking for a full frame lens, Tokina also sells a 16-28 f/2.8 and a 17-35 f/4.0. EX DG. Sigma AF 24-70.Focus control SUBALCD3/CD5MII CD5MIII SUBALCD500/CD7. 4FCS820 identical. Tokina Lens. Kenko Teleconverter Pro 300 AF DGX 2x Tokina 12-24 / 4 DX. Manufacturer: All Canon Konica Minolta Nikon Nikkor Olympus Pentax Sigma Tamron Tokina.Tokina AT-X PRO FX SD 16-28 mm f/2.8 (IF).Sigma 12-24 mm f/4.5-5.6 EX DG Aspherical HSM. Feb 28, 2011 5. GodStang Well-Known Member Established Member. Messages: 12,902.I have tried the Tokina 16-50 and did not like it at all, I returned it for a sigma 24-70 pro lens and have been very happy with sigma. If it were me I would choose the sigma lens. Tokina 16-28. Nikon 14-24.Sigmas third generation12-24mm f/4 DG HSM Art Lens is equipped with a Hyper Sonic AF motor with an optimized algorithm for speed and accuracy. (Principal Specifications) Focal length. 1228 mm.Canon EF, Four Thirds, Nikon F (FX), Pentax KAF, Sigma SA Bayonet, Sony/Minolta Alpha. (Aperture) Maximum aperture. F4. The 28mm Sigma lives on that lens I use the 12-24mm Tokina on every camera from the D30, through 30D, 40D and 7D.I personally like the focal range of the 12-24mm f/4 Tokina better than I do the 11- 16mm. Ill take 12-28 F4 over 10-22 or 16-28 2.8s any day of the week and the money saved will go towards the Sigma 20mm 1.4 ART for my full frame.Rated 5 out of 5 by Patty from Great wide angle lens I bought this to replace my Tokina 12-24 which for some reason broke when I tripped and fell with it. Tokina 11-16 2.8 vs Tokina 12-28 4 vs Sigma 10-20 3.5.I currently have a Tokina 12-24 F4 but I need something slightly wider for a specific clients work (event planner and she wants the whole room in one shot). Тут особых изысков (в отличии от предыдущего теста, см. выше) в выводах не будет, все видно и так. Снималось в студии, под импульсом, D2Xs, ISO100, 1/125, f/7.1. tokina12244nikon/index.htm Images 2 is a Tokina 12-24 photo sample from dpreivew that I re-touched with ACR (Adobe Camera Raw). Of course, there is Sigma 10-20 F3.5, and Tokina 11-16 F2.8, but they are (and will be, Sigma F3.5 is not on the market yet, it is 2009 new model) expensive for my present28. Archives. Both the Tokina 11-16 and the Sigma 8-16 vignette on the D800. The Sigma produces a rectangular vignette, due to itsDxOMark also seems to feel that the Sigma 12-24 II on a FX body is less sharp than a Sigma 8-16 on a DX body, from what I can determin on their not exactly apples to apples tests. Nikon D610 and a mix of using a Tokina 16-28 mm and Nikkor AF-S 50 mm. Photography by Ren Campbell. Biodegradable architecture. Canon EOS 6D SIGMA 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 II DG HSM TOKINA AT-X 16-28 F2.8 PRO FX Canon EF35mm F2 IS USM. Jan 24, 2008 12:11 | 2. The Sigma is made for full-frame. The Tokina is reported to vignette up to around 15mm.Ive used the tokina 12-24 on full frame, and found that it was only usable without vignetting at 18mm. I was hoping for wider. The Tokina 11-16 is a different story though.

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