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WARNING: The internal components of your MacBook Pro can be warm.Occasionally you may have problems while working with your MacBook Pro.Using the optical drive The SuperDrive in your MacBook Pro supports standard 12 cm (4.7 inch) discs. Regular USB simply doesnt support the power draw an optical drive needs, which was evidenced as plugged the SuperDrive into a stock MacBook Pro and it came up bupkis.P.P.S. -No, this wont work with a powered hub. 1) Change your SMBIOS profile to match one of the shipping macs that did not support an internal superdrive, such as new mac miniIf everything went well -- this was the case on my MacBook Pro -- the external drive should work right away. I recently removed my superdrive from my Macbook Pro to add a secondary hard drive. In this case a 750 Seagate Momentus XT.This article is about making it work with models that come with an internal DVD drive. I have an Apple USB SuperDrive that works fine with my old MacBook Air, but when I try to connect it to my MacBook Pro 2016, a message appears saying that it needs power and that I should connect it to One of theInternal Superdrive has stopped reading media in iMac and MacBook. 2007-07-15. I plugged in my MacBook Air SuperDrive (MB397G/A, Model A1270) into my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) with macOS Sierra Version 10.12.

6 (no internal drive) and it worked with a CD I created in 2003. Wow, amazing this worked!!! I have spent hours online determined to find a fix for this and here it is :-) I have a Macbook Pro (2009) running OS X Yosemite. I was not able to play a DVD on the internal superdrive so plugged in an Apple USB Superdrive which initially received the message that it So recently I swapped out the SuperDrive in my early 2011 MacBook pro for an additional HDD caddy.However if the machine didnt come with an internal drive like a MacBook air then the USB SuperDrive will work fine. So you want to install Windows on your Macbook Pro? Its easy, as long as you havent replaced your internal SuperDrive with an SSD upgrade.After a weekend of fighting, Ive found a way that works for me. My setup: I have an internal SSD running Lion, and an internal HD running Snow Leopard. Macbook Pro Cd Drive Not Working. If you have trouble using a SuperDrive with Microsoft Windows, try starting the computer with the SuperDrive already plugged in. References (2) Apple: Apple Computers: Troubleshooting the Slot-Loading SuperdriveApple Click on the icon to popup a menu and either select to eject an internal or external SuperDrive.I tried it intermittently and one day it worked! But this is cheaper than taking the macbook pro to a service centre.

Now Im planning to get an external dvd drive. More about : macbook pro hard drive superdrive slow.Id love it to work like this all the time, but I dont know how to reproduce the times when it works correctly and the times it just pauses and freezes. Earlier this year, adventurous tinkerers had successfully replaced their 2011 MacBook Pros Hard Drives with Solid State Drives.I used a usb adaptor to connect my original internal SuperDrive, and it worked in all aspects(burning, reading, etc.) but I would get errors when trying to boot from it. I could not test the handling on many machines I had a 2009 17-inch MacBook Pro (when working), a 2006 MacBook (which does not work) and a 2010 Mac mini onI had changed my internal hard disk on my MacBookPro8,2 15" to the Superdrive bay and installed a Samsung 830 SSD in the HD bay. The result is I am using my friends MacBook Air Super Drive and watching DVD right now :) Hmmm. Id like to get a Superdrive I just bought to work with my 64bit Windows 7 Ultrabook (Toshiba Z830) as well. 31 comments on MacBook Pro External Super Drive Fix Issues.BTW, I still cant get it t work with my MacBook, so if you figure that out let me know.what model of macbook pro your using for? do you have an internal superdrive on your mac? Forcibly Rebooting a MacBook Air Retina MacBook Pro MacBook Pro models which carry an eject key and a SuperDrive, the Power get it looked at by Apple Support or a technician to be sure that there arent other hardware failures. internal superdrive iMac always eject DVD Ive just purchased a 13" MacBook Pro (not Retina) with an internal SuperDrive.Then install the Performance Upgrade 1.0--and the MB Pro will work at 1.5 GPS--but this is better than nothing and it does not seem to be an issue for this MB Pro. Apple Usb Superdrive Not Supported On Macbook Pro. Make Superdrive Work With Any Mac.gaussian blur Mar 28, 2015 Re: Just stopped working again. christom Mar 25, 2015 Re: USB Superdrive not working. More about macbook pro hard drive superdrive slow.solved New internal hard drive says I need 6Gb/s. Will this work on my Macbook Pro, which has 4GB Memory? I have an older MacBook Pro (Late 2011) which came with a built-in optical drive. I replaced the built-in SuperDrive with a second hard drive.This also works for those who took their internal drive out and connected it via USB enclosure. Macbook superdrive not working my Macbook superdrive has stopped working since 2 daysIt wont pull discs inside itWhen i use "drutil eject" in terminal then it pulls it in makes sum spinningUSB SuperDrive not Working as a Secondary Drive for MacBook Pro with Internal SuperDrive. MacBook Pro :: SuperDrive Accepts Disk And Ejects Them Two Seconds Later?MacBook :: Two Discs Stuck In SuperDrive - Eject Does Not WorkMacBook Pro :: Internal Hard Drive Ejects On Its Own Hitachi Internal SATA Superdrive. Disk Drives.Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Macbook Pro. Computers are quickly becoming a part of everyone s lives.

Whether they are meant for work, entertainment, or education, computer technology is not only useful, but it is practically unavoidable. I also replaced my internal disc drive with a second hard drive in my 2009 MacBook Pro. I was stuck completely with a new USB SuperDrive, until I came across this post. Best is: IT WORKS. Apple USB Superdrive (Installation on Macbook Pro) - Продолжительность: 5:42 Tech Runner Wesley 128 786 просмотров.How to make any External Hard Drive work on Mac OS X - Продолжительность: 4:33 armineprox 424 627 просмотров. Upgrade or replace the SuperDrive requires slim drive in your MacBook Pro 15 Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260.Contributor. 3 Answers. Re: How do you install a macintosh internal Superdrive Buy an external Super Drive. Put in a SSD using data doubler instead. Part 1: Common Apple Internal SuperDrive Not Working Issues and Solutions.BTW, only these Mac computers are compatible with external USB SuperDrive: MacBook Pro with Retina display, MacBook Air, iMac (late 2012), Mac Mini (late 2009) and later. My superdrive is not working anymore. And now I will buy a new one, and I thought, maybe I buy a blueway drive.Options Ive already shot down: - Internal optical drive. As mentioned, its not working. - USB SuperDrive attached to the MacBook Pro. DB:3.15:Macbook Pro Retina Usb Superdrive Not Working a1.It would constantly shut down, so I am assuming there is not enough power to it.My internal superdrive failed to burn a CD, but it can read CDs. Issue. So, your SuperDrive has decided to stop working (perhaps after upgrading to Mountainside up, as the liquid inside the can could damage the SuperDrives internals) the full length of the slotOver the past day or two Ive been configuring an older MacBook Pro (5,3) to quintuple boot (i.e OS Macbook Pro 15-inch, Mid 2012 OS X Sierra Processor 2.3GHz Intel Core i7 MemorySince you still have a Superdrive model, its over 4 years old and definitely out of warranty.With monday.coms project management tool, you can see what everyone on your team is working in a single glance. The internal MacBook Pros SuperDrive cost 100 and the USB SuperDrive only cost 80.It will not work with 15 MacBook Pro or 13.3 MacBook models since they need a slimmer 9.5mm SuperDrive. The superdrive of my MacBook Pro only rejected DVDs (CDs were running fine) but now it reads all discs without a problem.Grateful thanks Anar! i had problems with my macbook pro DVD drive your solution worked for me! This MacBook had a Superdrive problem where the drive lock was up preventing disk insertion, also the drive would frequently go through eject cycle even though thereThis is NOT REPLACEMENT BUT REPAIR!!! Yes it worked and was 100 effective and brought it back from the dead See Using Your SuperDrive on page 72. Sudden Motion Sensor technology that helps protect the internal hard disk if the MacBook Pro is dropped orWhen you experience a problem working with your MacBook Pro, there is usually a simple and quick solution. Be aware of the conditions that ledMac Pro got discontinued earlier this year, that left two machines in Apples product line with internal optical drives: both "standard" MacBook Pros.Thats not to say theres no need for optical storage anymore, and thats why Apple continues to offer an external USB-based SuperDrive (the Mac works Today is such a time. As some of you may know, I recently replaced my MacBook Pros internal SuperDrive with an SSD drive.So now (with your hack) I have a raid 0 1TB drive in my macbook and a working external DVD superdrive. Thanks. eHow - CD/DVD Player in MacBook Pro Will Not Work : Tech Yeah!Stephen Foskett - How to install an internal Apple SuperDrive in an external USB case. Powerbook Medic - How to Eject and Recover a Stuck CD or DVD on a Mac. My MacBook Pro internal speakers are not working, what happened?Hi all, The superdrive on my MacBook Pro (15", Early 2008) is broken, discs dont spin properly, I think because I always pick it up with one hand at the corner and Ive bent the whole thing. Forums Macs Notebooks MacBook Pro. Macbook Superdrive not a couple weeks ago my macbooks superdrive started to not work for about 75 of cds and dvds it will be very tough to get them into the superdrive as if they were too thick. Macbook Superdrive not working. MacBook Pro - MacRumors Forums - so a couple weeks ago my macbooks superdrive started to not work for about 75 of cds and dvds it will be very tough to get them into the superdrive as if they were too thick. PPC machines cannot boot of a USB device, but luckily the internal drive would take the OS XMacbook pro wont boot after boot camp attempt. 0. How can I get my SATA DVDs working again?Cant log into account on Macbook Pro. 1. Run Apple Hardware Test on Mac without SuperDrive. MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8). Posted on Aug 24, 2012 10:18 AM. Reply I have this question too (18). Q: Macbook Pro Superdrive not working?My superdrive of macbook pro late 2011 was ejecting the dvd after some trials. Re: Satellite Pro L500-1PU - internal microphone does not work. MacBook Pro is slow and DVD does not.MacBook Pro doesnt recognize SuperDrive. 2007 Macbook Pro Wifi stopped working. I just bought the USB superDrive for my Macbook Pro but when I connected it just gives the sound as like the drive getting read but nothing appears in the Macbook Pro screen and it doesnt get detected at all. What should I do to make it work in my Macbook Pro?Mac Pro got discontinued earlier this year, that left two machines in Apples product line with internal optical drives: both "standard" MacBook Pros.Thats not to say theres no need for optical storage anymore, and thats why Apple continues to offer an external USB-based SuperDrive (the Mac works Discussion topics include MacBook Pro, MacBook, iMac, iPhone, PowerBook, upgrading Mac components and memory, Mac OS X, Mac printers, and Mac monitors.In reply to: Macbook Air/USB Superdrive not working.(Disk Utility, select the internal drive and click Repair Permissions). Right after I swapped my SuperDrive to second internal HDD I was graving to move my 20 GB Boot Camp partition to the other drive and make it bigger, soUPDATE 2: I have confirmed lately that the official Boot Camp Assistant method does work on MacBook Pro Retina (Mid 2012) with OS X 10.8.2 Macbook Pro Superdrive. By Deathstar17 Jun 24, 2011.The superdrive hasnt worked completely right in the past (it sucked at burning disks), but this is just annoying. So I want to disable it.

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