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Which of the following are protocols used to retrieve stored email from a mail server? Select one: a. POP and IMAP b. TCP and UDP c. MIME and IMAP d. POPSelect one: True False Correct. The data link layer uses large portions of data, called , and transmits them over the layer. If any of these three conditions is false, dynamic routing is normally used.Not all IP datagrams are UDP or TCP, since ICMP also uses IP.The Domain Name System, or DNS, is a distributed database that is used by TCP/IP applications to map between hostnames and IP addresses, and to UDP (user datagram protocol) TCP (transmission control protocol). Transport Layer Protocols. OSI model, TCP/IP model.TCP/IP Architecture. end-user application process. HTTP, FTP, TELNET, SMTP, DNS, SNMP. Possible Duplicate: Is it true that a nameserver have to answer queries over TCP? I know DNS uses UDP for most of its queries, but in what circumstances will it use TCP instead? Номера портов TCP и UDP используются также протоколами SCTP и DCCP.LOC-SRV (Locator service) — используется службами удалённого обслуживания (DHCP, DNS, WINS и т. д.)VNC remote desktop protocol—for use over HTTP. Неофициально. Difference between http: and httpsAll application layer protocols use one of the two transport layer protocols, UDP and TCP.DNS is supposed to be reliable, but it uses UDP, why? 10. What protocol is used for reporting or informational purposes? c. ICMP. 11. List the six flags of a TCP packet.

Syn, ack, psh, urg, rst, fin. 12. A UDP packet is usually smaller than a TCP packet. True or False? I agree with the library thing, and my question was basically how to setup that library to it issues DNS requests via TCP or with a bigger UDP size (using EDNS options). If true, a Net::DNS resolver will use the same UDP socket for all queries within each address family.If true, queries will be performed using virtual circuits (TCP) instead of datagrams (UDP). The default is false. If DNS uses UDP, how are we guaranteed that the host address will be correct? When can we use TCP and when can we use UDP? How do you explain internet terms like TCP, UDP, DNS, HTTP, etc. to a five-year old? If you wanted a secure transaction would you use TCP or UDP? Solution: Neither, since none of them provides security.

Client-Server architectures are generally better than P2P for delay sensitive applications ( true or false). Give two reasons why DNS uses UDP as the transport layer protocol instead of TCP.? Why does HTTP use TCP and DNS use UDP? DNS name resolution process uses only UDP protocol or it does use TCP protocol also? The DNS resolver uses UDP. My question is: when is TCP used for DNS? (exept zone transfer between servers). From the client point of view is there a moment when TCP is used? So DNS uses TCP for Zone transfer and UDP for name queries either regular (primary) or reverse.I know that DNS use TCP and UDP but. TEST INSIDE 356Q Dumps Says only one Choice to Select.Also, some have said TFTP has file size limits, which is generally no longer true. So DNS uses TCP for Zone transfer and UDP for name queries either regular (primary) or reverse.It always uses TCP this is true and why not UDP. because a secure connection is established between client and server to send the data and this can be done only using TCP not UDP. What protocol uses both TCP and UDP? DNS does.Example of application used by the UDP and TCP? UDP: DNS, TFTP, DHCP TCP: SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, FTP, SHH, Telnet Yes, that is true, DNS uses UDP out of preference (less overhead), except when an answer can not fit into a single packet, then it uses TCP (similarly for a question). If you look at your list of well known ports on your OS, or even IANAs list ( http udpmode : use udp dns procotol, default is tcp dns protocol.internaldomain : internal domains which use internal dns server to get ip address. privatehost : like /etc/hosts on nix platform. UDP sockets are used by protocols like DNS etc. The main idea behind using UDP is to transfer small amounts of data and where reliability is not a very important issue. UDP is also used in broadcasting/multicasting. DNS itself uses sometimes besides UDP (as its primary protocol) the reliable Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), too.Does HTTP use UDP? True or false: TCP port numbers are the same as UDP port numbers. Definition. False. Term. What port does FTP (data) use? Definition. TCP/20. Term. Security practitioners for decades have advised people to limit DNS queries against their DNS servers to only use UDP port 53. The reality is that DNS queries can also use TCP port 53 if UDP port 53 is not accepted. It uses UDP but if the answer exceeds 512 bytes, it will switch to TCP. It you mean the traffic direction between Domain A DNS servers and the DNS to which it will forward the queries, it is "unidirectional".

Actually you can use either TCP or UDP to do DNS queries. host -T duly upvoted, I wanted to express my gratitude collectively for all the explanations. HN is a true gem of the Internet. Set up and use HTTP Event Collector in Splunk Web.No. Set to true or false (T | F). Default is False. Set to true to use DNS to set the host field value for events from the input source. restrictToHost. If a DNS packet is lost, there is no automatic recovery. Does this cause a problem, and if.Computer Networks (5th Edition) View more editions. Solutions for Chapter 7 Problem 4P. Problem 4P: DNS uses UDP instead of TCP. For example, DNS uses both TCP and UDP for valid reasons described below.LDAP always uses TCP - this is true and why not UDP because a secure connection is established between client and server to send the data and this can be done only using TCP not UDP. Application layer protocols: DNS and HTTP Transport layer protocols: UDP for DNSTCP for HTTP.Problem 1: True or False? (P1). 1. A user requests a Web page that contains of some text and three images. These libraries implement DNS (Domain Name Server), IP, TCP, and UDP ( User Datagram Protocol).This includes the familiar protocols HTTP, SMTP (mail) and FTP. Other protocols use UDP: DNS and SNMP to name a couple. udpmode : use udp dns procotol, default is tcp dns protocol.internaldomain : internal domains which use internal dns server to get ip address. privatehost : like /etc/hosts on nix platform. The UDP protocol do not require any handshake like TCP before the connection establishment. Many people new to Linux do not know that we can change the protocol when querying using DNS tools. The TCP and UDP protocols are two different protocols that handle data communications between terminals in an IP network (the Internet). This page will talk about what TCP and UDP are, and what the differences are between them.The differences are very essential to be known because of vast use of Two protocols being different from each other, TCP being a connection oriented protocol and UDP being a connection less protocol, but DNS uses both of them, not for the same purpose, but for different purpose. As we know that http is TCP. But, I dont know is DNS query a tcp or udp?1. Ping IP works, but no TCP/UDP. 2. Linux Netfilter: How does connection tracking track connections changed by NAT? 0. Use netcat to Convert UDP DNS Queries to TCP DNS Queries. HTTP.UDP uses a simple connectionless communication model with a minimum of protocol mechanism.If error-correction facilities are needed at the network interface level, an application may use the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) As you know DNS uses UDP primarily as its transport layer protocol to communicate but for zone transfers (opcode AXFR,IXFR) it also uses TCP. There is one more indeed! DNS messages are restricted to 512 bytes and according to RFC 1035 (one of my favorites by the way) 25 Being for the processor to write directly to both the cache and main memory at the same time. 2 Mark the following as True or FalseTCP software doesnt need to use IP or UDP, it doesnt even have to know they exist. When performing a reliable multicast transmission using TCP, it suffices that one of the receivers notifies the sender that the packet was lost.The server uses a fixed port number to connect to the clients port number. Help for Question 2. HTTP SSH TCP. DNS DHCP UDP. With TCP, multiple packets can deliver all the DNS records in the response. You can use Nslookup to test whether a DNS server can respond using either UDP or TCP. Use the following command to submit a UDP query to the DNS server. UDP is a connection-less transport layer protocol.DNS would pass either a domain name or an IP address along with its packet(s) to the Transport layer for forwarding to the Network layer to be25. What is the transmission efficiency of a 10-byte Web request sent using HTTP, TCP/IP, and Ethernet? Whether or not to use TCP (Virtual Circuits) instead of UDP. If set to 0, UDP will be used unless TCP is required.object NetDNSPacket axfr( string dname, [string class IN], [boolean old false]). Performs an AXFR query (zone transfer). User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is the protocol used at the Transport layer for connectionless, non-guaranteed communication.12. Which type of name resolution does HTTP use?When TCP/IP uses DNS as a method of resolution, the host that is trying to get resolution is called a resolver. DNS uses TCP for Zone Transfer over Port: 53. It is necessary to maintain a consistent DNS database between DNS Servers.A client computer will always send a DNS Query using UDP Protocol over Port 53. Windows DNS Service uses dynamic UDP ports (above 1023) for all standard query messages.Q: Is the following true or false? A client talks to a nameserver on port 53/ tcp. the nameserver answers back on a random udp port greater than 1023. Types of DNS Attacks Reveal DNS Defense Tactics Since DNS uses UDPbrowser, then DNS resolves the address to, and the browser attempts an http connection toOn a Windows machine, this can be configured within the Internet Protocol ( TCP/IP) Properties UDP is nonetheless widely used in real-time services (VoIP, online gaming,) and for DNS.How to use the TCP port forwarding feature.Sometimes, public Wifi uses firewall restrictions to allow only web-related outgoing port (generaly 80- http, or 443-https). What is the default port used by NTP? True or False: Although FTP is a TCP-based protocol, TFTP uses UDP. Answers. By default, NTP uses port 123. True. 1. True or False: To send a connectionless datagram the application would have to be written to TCP.Answer Key: 1. B False. Connectionless communication with no confirmation of delivery would be UDP. 2. A True. SMTP uses port 25. Usually we mean DNS uses UDP port 53 but TCP port 53 is reserved for DNS too. After some time the one question may become interesting for any specialist working with information technologies or information security: When does DNS use UDP or TCP? Does the HTTP protocol uses UDP, TCP, or both as the transport protocol? I have recently read an article that said the HTTP uses UDP.DNS uses UDP port 53, HTTP uses TCP port 80. Your diagram would be like this

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