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One question, I have Sony A6000 with lens kit and Id like to upgrade the lenses. I need: 1. Portrait with great bokeh 2. Mid Wide (not too wide), at least can take average landscape 3. Prefer can zoom, not fix. I know there is no perfect lenses for all my wishes. Below are the results of our optical tests with the Sony A6000 and the bundled Sony E PZ 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS kit lens. The test images shown on most other pages of these test results were taken with very sharp references lenses, so we use this page to explore kit lens performance. The Kit Lens: Of course, all kit lenses are not the best. However, this lens is supposed to be a 16-50mm lens butThe Sony a6000 is an awesome camera, it took me about a year before I purchased. I was looking for something affordable, light and obviously a camera with good video and photo quality. The Sony a6000 is actually the follow-up to the excellent NEX-6.The following images were all captured in RAW and converted to JPGs using Lightroom 5.4.The majority of the photos were shot using the 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS kit lens, but some were shot using a Sony Ziess 24mm f/1.8 lens.

Not bad for a kit lens! lets have a challenge! It will be fun. Sony a6000 and nikon d5300 head to head photos. SONY a6000 with Canon 50 f1.4, on its side SONY NEX-F3 Carl Zeiss-ul 16-70. And the proof you can take incredible pictures using 50 y.o lenses.La ce preturi sa ne asteptam in seara asta? - aLLin Popescu - [] cat va costa micutul Sony A6000 varianta kit cu 16-35. Daca ati pus ochii pe el dupa Could you please tell me what Lense you used to take the Hawaii Pictures, I am going there soon and just made the switch the Sony a6300.Young, if you are a beginner, I suggest buying Sony A6000 kit lens and stick with it for a year. 2.2x Telephoto Lens 52mm UV Filter Full Size Tripod External Flash Digital Carrying Case Mini HDMI Cable SDHC Card USB Reader 6pc Starter Kit Memory Card Wallet Lens Cap Keeper Bonus Nikon DVD!Sample pictures taken with Sony A6000. Should you buy a prime lens for your Sony A6000? Or is the kit lens good enough?Its optics have a difficult reputation - lets do some investigating.

All pictures taken by me on a Sony a6300 camera. Use The Sony a6000 Kit Lens Digital Zoom!Sir Patrick Pictures.If Sonys 16-50mm kit lens is so terrible then why are so many people, including myself, taking some of our best shots ever? The 1650 Sony kit lens is very mediocre, from my understanding (never tried it myself). Fisheye lenses are wide, but I dont like the distortion effect they produce (personal preference).Ive just bought a Sony a6000 and want to use it for taking pictures of jazz musicians in a jazz club. I have just a few days ago bought the Sony A6000 with kit lens, after many months of reading reviews from professional amateur photographers, who largely like it.You mention distant and macro What exactly are you taking pictures of? Landscapes? Insects? Best Macro Lenses for Sony A6000. When it comes to taking photos of teeny-tiny objects, quality macro lenses are needed. While using the standard kit lens that comes with the camera can give you decent shots Lens Compatibility. Sony A6000. enlarge. Sony E-Mount (NEX).Camera, maybe a lens as a kit. Strap. Battery. USB cord and universal wall USB power supply.Sony litters our cards with too many folders and hides videos in a different folder than our pictures. Lets take a look at Sonys best selling interchangeable lens cameras ever made: the Sony a6000. In this review we test the a6000s low light performance and try it out for Milky Way and aurora photography in California, Nevada and Alaska. Sony A6000 with kit lens. Edited in Snapseed.Lovin my new 35mm f1.8 <3 My first upgrade from kitlens (16-50mm) <3. Noob Pixel added a new photo to the album Miscellaneous. Theyre the quickest way to get better at composition, simplifying the picture taking process by removing the variable of multiple focal lengths (as offered byIt actually comes bundled as a kit lens with the Sony a7 camera. So, why am I recommending it here as one of the best Sony a6000 lenses? Here are the top rated Sony A6000 lenses. Sony Alpha A6000 is one of the best mirrorless cameras, it has worlds fasest AF speed according to Sony. Every artistic shot you take from fast-action to candids benefits from 24.3MP detail and BIONZ X processor. Lets take a close look - because it this lens is any good, it could be a great option for a lot of people. All pictures taken by me on a Sony a6300 camera.Sony Alpha ILCE-6000 a.k.a Sony A6000 Test Review, Videos and Photos Samples with SEL 16-50mm Kit Lens Sony E Mount, High Speed Focus. A6000 Sharpness with KIT Lenses. Started 5 months ago | Questions.I too just purchased Sony A6000 w/ kit lens and thought pics werent that sharp.Just go and take pictures with the lens in normal setting. It is a great little lens for the moneyjust cant beat the value and the compactness. The kit lens (16-50) has awful (really awful, beyound repair) vignetting and isnt that sharp. You took most of the pictures with the Sony/Zeiss 16-70, can you recommend this lens? DONT DISCOUNT IT! Just because it is a cheap kit lens that it is not capable of producing good quality portrait photographs. Witht the right lighting and concept, it is a sharp and amazing lens to use for studio work. Check out my samples! Kit Lens vs Fast Prime Lens. Should you buy a prime lens for your Sony A 6000? Or is the kit lens good enough?Its optics have a difficult reputation - lets do some investigating. All pictures taken by me on a Sony a6300 camera. Although this item is designed for and works great with the kit-lens, I would highly recommend the Sony SEL35F18 35mm f/1.8 Prime Fixed Lens - it fits justI cannot wait to take pictures of the local creek fish, go rock climbing, and use this as all around protection in harsh environments. Read more. The a6000s EVF, on the other hand, doesnt show a live view but rather, the last picture taken.At 600 brand new with the 16-50mm kit lens, the a6000 costs about 550 less than the a6300 with the same kit lens, and even less if you find it second-hand. Conversely, with mirrorless cameras, you can now take pictures with a specialized lenses with a large sensor.How to choose the best lens for the sony A6000.These lenses are usually known as Kit Lenses. thanks Trey, great work, are these photos taken with a kit lens ?Glad your a6000 was a hit. Mine sucks. The pictures are blurry, no better than those I take with my Iphone 6. I hope Best Buy will let me exchange it for a decent point-and-shoot. In this video I show you how to take apart the Sony 16-50mm kit lens.Sony SEL P 16-50mm f/3.5 - 6.3 PZ OSS Here id like to share my first pictures with my new Sony a6000 mirrorless camera. I had a Sony bridge camera before, DSC HX300. The Sony a6000 mirrorless camera is quickly becoming the go-to camera for travel bloggers. But what prime lens is the best for travel photography?After working with the kit lens for quite some time, I made the decision to take the leap into buying more lenses for my arsenal. 5 The Best Vintage Lenses for Sony A6000. The Sony A6000 is probably one of Sonys most popular releases to date.Wide angle lenses are able to create beautiful detail across a wide area, making them perfect if you love taking pictures of the outdoors. Note: Picture taken with my shitty iPhone 5. A Friend is considering to buy the Sony a6000 we tried it with a 35mm 1.

8 kit lens and after that the Canon Dream Lens. Test shots were bad (I mean he took pictures randomly and not even knowing the camera settings.) Sony A6000 is 1 Best Seller in Mirrorless Cameras to date. Below are a lot of best recommended lenses for Sony A6000.From the list below, you can see with the overall score of 19 points, the Sigma 19mm F2.8 EX DN Sony E is the best ultra wide-angle lens for Sony A6000 for only 199. If youre using a Sony a6000 youll want to use the best lens or lenses that you can to take the highest quality photos.Sony 16-50mm Power Zoom (f/3.5-5.6): A great kit lens or entry level option if you bought the body only. The Five Best Digital Cameras On The Market! Lenses. The Best Lens For Sony A6000 Cameras!Most people reading this guide will have some kind of kit lens that came with their A6000.It really is a great lens that is capable of taking amazing pictures in reasonably low light conditions. Meanwhile the Sony a6000 when combined with its kit lens goes to a 6 "P-Mix" rating. now what this all means is that they took these two camera and lens combinations and used highly calibrated machines and charts to measure these If you get the 16-50mm kit lens above, it makes a lot of sense to add the Sony 55-210mm telephoto zoom for a complete set-up. Taken together, the two lenses have you covered all the way from wide-angle to telephoto at an equivalent of 24 to 315mm.Samsung NX Mini Sigma SD1 Sigma SD10 Sigma SD14 Sigma SD15 Sigma SD1 Merrill Sigma SD9 Sigma SD QUATTRO Sigma SD Quattro H Sony A6500 Sony Alpha 7 Sony Alpha 7 II.Photo size: 19.9 MP Lens: Sony SEL 10-18mm f/4 ISO: 100 Focal length: 10 mm Exposure time: 1/144 sec. Sony A6000 Photoshoot (with pictures) - Diary 6. A video from my latest photoshoot including sample pictures from the shoot.Sony a6000 Photo sample. These are the photos that I took with the a6000 with 2 different lenses, the kit lens (16-50mm f/3.5-5.6) and the 10-18 f4. Most of all the photos shown were shot with RAW JPEG setting. All photos are unedited and taken by me. Song: Not For Nothing by Otis McDonald. Choose from the list of lenses recommended under your choice of photography style. 1. Sony a6000 Kit Lens 16-50mm Power Zoom.1. Sony a6000 Tripod. Cameras, especially when coupled with their lenses can be quite heavy and it takes a really steady hand to take great pictures. A shot taken with the Sony a6000 16-50mm kit lens, by my wife, of our 11 month old son. This camera and the kit lens fits my wifes use very well. She takes good pictures with it, and the quality of the files with this lens is better than expected. I seem to have some pics turn out pretty good with the Sony A6000 and 16-50 kit lens and some look quite poor in terms of IQ.There is also the "expectation" factor. You have a 100-150 lens. Just go and take pictures with the lens in normal setting. The basic a6000/a6300 kit lens, with a max aperture of f/3.5, is not ideal for low light. Affordable Sony lenses go as low as f/1.8 — a big difference, since each halving of the f number represents a doubling of light intake. You might hear lenses referred to by speed. So, heres my in depth Sony A6000 review. Enter the Sony A6000, the logical solution for a backup camera if youre already using a Sony mirrorless for your main camera.Even with the crappy 16-50mm kit lens, you can capture some excellent images if you know what youre doing. The Sony is light weight and compact with a load of features. Two kit lenses came with the camera (16-50 MM 55-210 MM), they doesnt seem to be to bulky for travel.takes a little getting used to but overall I am very happy with the Sony a 6000. Picture Quality. In the package, the Sony Alpha A6000 can also be equipped with Sonys E-mount lens 16-50mm f / 3.5-5.6 OSS are able to provide distanceAlpha A6000 also features Optical SteadyShot technology that is able to minimize the blur in the images because the camera swayed when taking pictures. Taken with Sony Kit 55-210 lens cropped.Sorry for delay replying I have been on holiday for 6 weeks. The first pic was taken 1/250 the 2nd 1/200, both hand held and F7.1, 200 iso. For just under 800 you can walk away with the Sony A6000 and the 16-50mm kit lens, or get the body only for around 600.The A7R was designed to take advantage of big wide angle and telephoto lenses so it never felt big enough. It works for me. I am happy with Sony A 6000.I use it to take pictures of my kids sporting events, vacations, and family gatherings. The camera body is light weight and the included kit lense is very good. Who is the Sony a6000 for? Sample Images. Final Thoughts. Technical Specifications. Price: 498.00 body-only or 598.00 with kit lens.You can use the phone or computer as a remote shutter to view and take pictures, which great for a free program. In addition, you can send photos straight to your

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