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In Firefox 3, dom.disablewindowopenfeature.location now defaults to true, forcing the presence of the Location Bar much like in IE7.With the built-in popup blockers of Mozilla/Firefox and Internet Explorer 6 SP2, you have to check the return value of it will be null if the window Windows Internet Explorer 8. New windows and pop-ups always inherit the zoom level of the parent window.Opening a new window from an application other than the Internet Explorer process may result in a NULL return value. The problem is missing opener. This error run on IE11, Windows10 on particular laptop."The window.opener property is nulled in a particular scenario when Protected Mode / UAC are enabled for the content in question." I opened multiple IE windows and with different sites, I got this Script Error message.You are seeing this message because the server you are trying to connect is not located on the local host while the browser is opening the files that are located at your hard drive. IE 7/8/9: OK.window.opener.document.formName.elementName.value is working in IE, but not working in Chrome. The statement was used to refer parent windows element from child window.

Window.opener Property---the window that opened this one. Availability. Navigator 3. 0 read-only in Internet Explorer 3.0.var newwin open() if (newwin ! null newwin.opener null) newwin.opener self As you can see, even in IE7, closing the browser window does not guarantee that your session and credentials would be destroyed. As you may already be aware, many architectural changes were put into IE8.

That is bad. You should be using RegisterStartUpScript. ClientScriptManager cs Page.ClientScript Type cstype this.

GetType() String cstext1 "alert( window.opener.location.pathname)" cs.RegisterStartupScript(cstype, "alert", cstext1, true) Error occurs only in Internet Explorer with standard settings - forcing IE9 mode and newer in Developer Tools makes it disappear.The value of the property MSOTlPnShowToolPane2 is null or undefined, not a Function object. 0. Sharepoint 2013 - open a second modal window from a first And in IE7, window.opener is null, whereas it works fine in FF. Any ideas what can be wrong? Or any workaround? Thanks. In this case the IE 6.0 doesnt know the data from my parent window (even if the window.opener!null), but the NS4.8 works fine. But I need the function for both. Is there any restriction for the opener property? It seems that there is the mentioned problem when using it . Try do disable the next Firefox extention: Tabbrowser Extensions (TBE). i checked with IE too there also its not working and getting "window.opener is null" error message. How to,, preset the size of shortcut windows. Right click internet explorer,, go to properties,, on the run line,, set IT to open in "Normal window "Enlarge window size in IE7. This extension is the WebExtension implementation of "Open in IE" opens the current tab or links in Microsofts Internet Explorer.If an Internet Explorer instance is already opened, then link is opened in a new browser tab, however, if Internet Explorer is not opened, a new Internet Explorer window I confirm that : window.opener.location.reload() do not work even if im opening my child window from javascript.Even I am facing the same issue It is working in fine in chrome but not in IE. Is anybody having any solution for this. How to optimize Internet Explorer. Reset Internet Explorer settings ( Windows 7 Help) or Reset Internet Explorer settings (Knowledge Base article). Use the Repair IE8 (IE7) script from Internet Explorer FAQ (external site run by a Microsoft MVP). The problem is after twitter redirects the user back to my site window. opener is null. The script works fine if I bypass the twitter sign in page. Also this appears to be a IE issue, as it works fine in firefox. Windows Explorer is what IE uses as a GUI. In the url bar type C: or use My Computer.In Internet Explorer, go to Tools>Internet Options>"Advanced" tab>uncheck the box that says "reuse windows for launching shortcuts". I recently faced this problem , and i tried every thing -used IE9 in "no add-ons" mode -roll back to ie8 then re-install ie9 again -reset default In IE on Windows 10 with default settings, if I perform a against an external internet site from a page on my local machine or a server on my local network, I get null. See my repro below. In IE, however, window.opener is not null, and gives Permission Denied instead of null.How do I get around this problem, what value matches Permission Denied in Internet Explorer? myWindow.focus() All browsers return the window ref for, but IE 9 returns NULL. Does anybody have more information on why null is returned or possibly a workaround solution for IE9? In IE 7, I get the Javascript warning at botton and it states. window. opener.aeObjects.1 is null or not an object. In Firefox, it must be siomilar but dont know where to see that error A. If youre using IE and follow a link to a Microsoft Word document, for example, IE will open the document within the IE window. If you prefer to start a separate Word instance and load the document in that instance, you need to make an OS-level change. Result: In IE, the input field has the content "Test from second page in popup".The Error Message: window.opener.document.getElementById() is null. if (window.opener ! null !window.opener.closed) alert(window.opener) var val window.opener.parentFunc(a) alert(a) Email codedump link for JavaScript issue in IE with window.opener. Microsoft JScript runtime error: window.opener.location is null or not an object.did you try to copy and paste the address of the "pop-up page" into IE from Chrome ? if so, it is normal that it cannot find its opener in IE 8. I am trying to catch the return value of, but it is returning null/undefined. This happens when IE8 Protected mode is turned ON. Is there any altenative to get the returned object without disabling the protected Mode in IE8? The authentication flow doesnt actually work in IE11. This is because window.opener here is null after being directed from another domain (e.g. back to wherever land.html sits ( The action references the opener window, removes a few elements from a hidden element and then immediately repopulates those elements with updated values based on that action.does not appear to work like this in IE9. windows-7 internet-explorer html internet-explorer-7.There is also a way to ensure IE does not display in Compatibility view by using the following vendor specific meta tag in the html head Whether or not the window is resizable. IE only.Technical Details. Return Value: A reference to the newly created window, or null if the call failed.Using the opener property to return a reference to the window that created the new window window.opener.document error in IE. I am using a Wordpress plugin for clickable smileys.Id like to try and fix it now so it at least works on my site. The error is. window.opener.document is null or not an object. window.opener null. If you click the Close button now, it wont ask any confirmation prompt in Internet Explorer browser or IE browser. Tags I cant open https secure website Secure Websites not opening Some sites dont work after upgrading to IE9 Unable to open secue websites.having the problem in all of these Microsoft edge, internet explorer, chrome and Firefox. also using windows defender, Super AntiSpyWare Pro and If Internet Explorer 9 suddenly begins exhibiting strange behavior, such as opening search results links in a new window, your IE settings have been changed, or your computer may have been infected with malware. When we tries to close a window (the window that is not opened through the JavaScript) using JavaScript window.close() method in IE, IE throw a prompt "The Webpage you are viewing is trying to close the window.window.opener null The first way that you can open the download window in Internet Explorer 9 is to click the Tools icon at the top-right-corner of the window, then click the View downloads option on this menu. Try this on other browsers or versions of IE - this will not happen. Expected Results: When opening a new window from another, window.opener in the new window will be a handle to the opening window. It seems the issue was related the security zones set on our corporate IE builds. The different domains were relegated to separate zones. Apparently IE loses the value of window.opener when passing through these zones and doesnt bother to reset it. Window.opener Property---the window that opened this one. Availability. Navigator 3. 0 read-only in Internet Explorer 3.0.var newwin open() if (newwin ! null newwin.opener null) newwin.opener self window.opener works fine in both IE and Firefox as long as Open in New Tab is used from the right-click menu Error console says window.opener is null. Is there any other way the opener can be accessed? "Error: window.opener.location is null or not an object" is what I get when I try to do the following javascriptThis worked perfectly fine in IE7, why does it not work in 8? Window.opener Property---the window that opened this one. Availability. Navigator 3. 0 read-only in Internet Explorer 3.0.var newwin open() if (newwin ! null newwin.opener null) newwin.opener self Window.opener undefined in IE8? I cant figure out where I am going wrong with this.If the two windows are in different domains then it wont work in any browser due to the same origin policy. please test once that what is NULL ?? Internet Explorer (IE) has a new security feature, called ActiveX control blocking, to keep ActiveX controls, such as Java, up-to-date.Windows 7 SP1 Internet Explorer 8 through Internet Explorer 11. if ((window.parent.location null) || (window.parent.location undefinedWindow.opener, it would seem, returns true or false, allright (based on whetherI have always faced an issue when IE needs to trigger a pop-up window. If the current window has no opener, this method returns NULL. Windows Phone browser does not support window.opener. It is also not supported in IE if the opener is in a different security zone. In IE on Windows 10 with default settings, if I perform a against an external internet site from a page on my local machine or a server on my local network, I get null. See my repro below. returns null in IE11 if opening.It seems your problem isnt because of window is null in IE/Edge, but you havent created elements in the child window context which is required in IE/Edge.

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