div height 100 not working in ie8





The CSS max-width property does not work properly in IE8 when applied to images.For instance, a stylesheet might define a width: 100 to make an image fill its container, but limit its size to max-with: 200px.The key to making IE8 behave is setting a max-height in proportion to max-width. In IE the code works fine100 height

inside a fullpage div (top:0, bottom:0). 0. Internet Explorer 9 compatibilty issue. See the Pen Using 100 Height by Matt Boldt (mattboldt) on CodePen. All this makes sense, but were still not getting that effect we want.Why isnt height:100 doing the trick? Well, after scratching my head a bit, I realized how to get it working. inside the but I get a rectangular cell whenever the width is less than the length of the string (the cell width and height are both driven to fit the length of the string). navField border:none height:100 width:100 The idea is to keep pure html and css without jquery. Thanks for the help. Add this to the td which contains the iframeTags: iframe div container working expected. Problem setting div height in Internet Explorer 7. CSS 100 height in ie [duplicate]. Fill remaining screen height with CSS.CSS: 100 page height, no scrolling, working in IE7. Is your max-width or max-height css not working in IE8? Neither was mine. I found plenty of hacks and ways around it, but none of them solved the issue once and for all. I was getting Width to work at 100, but Height was small, and would lead to a really wide display, but only 100-200 pixels tall!IE 8 added many new features and obticles as well, as we all know. Compatibility Mode was supposed to help, and IE 9 is taking it into new ground as well. 100 height not working in IE8 The ASPNET Forums.IE 8 appears not to recognize height: 100 for divs. Mar 13, 2010Forums CSS Width: 100 problem with IE Preeminent March 12, div should be 100 across the screen.

but it is not doing so in Internet explorer 7. Forums CSS height 100 not working yardle September 15, 2009 at 3:30 am Im working on my first WordPress design and Im running into some problems with CSS. Its working for me and my layout breaks if I take it out. Comment from: dario [Visitor]. Try to set only height (or width): 100 It worked with me.For me, I had to put a div with height and width to 100 in the first div for this to work.Comment from: Abdul [Visitor].

Height:100 fixed IE8 issue but now in Firefox its not showing scroll. 100 div height. Asked about 8 years ago by Qawelesizwe.I doubt itll work on IE6/7, might need to use IE conditional comments to tweak. CSS: html, body height: 100 margin: 0 padding: 0 I am working with CSS and when I define min-height for a div. it does not work In one of my labtops, it is working.It is not woking in any browser, I tried with IE8, Firefox latest and opera latesteven CSS 3 features are working I had it working fine in ie7 but noticed that it doesnt work in ie8.td style"width:250px height:30px border-bottom: 1px dashed 333 padding: 2px 5px"> < div style"overflow:hidden white-space:nowrap -ms-text-overflow:ellipsis Internet Explorer Height 100. Ie Height 100 Not Working. I used a solution that I happened to already have on my laptop on an exam.Ie Div Height Not Working Can a giant spoon be utilised as a weapon How can I ensure my Playstation 2 will last a long time? I can get it to work fine in firefox and chrome but not IE