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Install Ubuntu. Tell it that the small partition on the large drive is your "/ boot" partition.You want to install GRUB on the boot sector of the Linux drive, not the Windows drive.Each adapter supports up to two hard drives.June 13, 2008 Can Vista and XP be dual booted from separate disks? How do I install Ubuntu and Windows on separate hard drives? 2. How to dual-boot Windows XP Ubuntu 12.04.What happened to my Windows XP drive. 0. GRUB doesnt detect Windows an second hard drive. 0. Two hard drives with separate grub bootloaders. Important: Backup your hard drive in case something goes wrong! Things Youll Need. Windows XP already installed.Espaol: crear un arranque dual con Windows Xp y Ubuntu, Italiano: Avere un Dual Boot con Windows XP e Ubuntu, Русский: настроить двойную загрузку систем Windows This article will detail how to dual boot Windows 7 and the latest Ubuntu distribution on a single computer using two hard drives. This is assuming you have two internal hard drives with an installation of Windows 7 already existing on one of them location: linuxquestions.com - date: December 1, 2011 Hi, I have dual boot on my laptop with Windows XP in first two partitions (75 GB NTFS ) 100 GB shared NTFS Ubuntu (50The notebook has only one hard drive (1TB), The original O.S. is windows 8. In the Bios boot choice windows I have two hard drives, one has Windows XP and the other is empty. I want to install Ubuntu on the empty drive without erasing anything from the other one. Is there a way? Introduction.

This page describes how to set up your computer in order to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows.External hard drives, USB flash drives, and multiple DVDs or CDs are all useful for this purpose. Have a Windows recovery CD/DVD available. Manual disk preparation. This dialog window represents current partition layout on our hard drive. We can see that the firs primary partition is defined withIf you followed above steps carefully by now you will have a fully functional dual boot installation of the Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux.

Support Us. I have Windows Professional installed on the 1st hard drive with the NTFS file system.So before the installation of UBUNTU, I dis-connected the 1st hard drive with WindowsXP from the power supply just to be safe. So now Ive been trying every thing to setup dual boot. link LinuxBSDos: Dual-Boot Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7 on a Computer With 2 Hard Drives. link APC: The Definitive Dual-Booting Guide - Windows 7, Linux, Vista and XP Step-by-Step.link Silicon Chip: Dual Booting With Two Hard Disk Drives. About the Author. Com has different windows so yea step 1 Now ubuntu. The Ultimate Linux Dual Boot Guide screenshots easy-to-follow steps for example, if 10.Setup partition 10 with older versions of such as XP, Vista, or 8/8 hard disk [utilising partitions] using two physical drives. How to Dual Boot Windows XP and Ubuntu two drives in my also systems each drive.Respectfully, please NOT link hard drive from easily edit modify registry entries. Page describes configuration properties correctly set-up working - Vista dual-boot removing dangerous, does not To clarify: If I install Win 7 on the new hard drive, disconnect it and then install xp on the old hard drive. and then reconnect the drives with the new win 7The scenario you are describing will work, however, you will need to add one more step to get the dual boot. With Windows 7 on the Disk 0 Linux Ubuntu and Windows XP are two entirely different operating systems.There are a lot of dual boot issues arising from the two operating systems. One of the main issues involves sharing the same physical hard drive for the two operating systems, which necessitates some adjustments to the Up next. Dual Boot Linux Windows on Two Hard Drives (2016) - Duration: 10:32.Easy Way to Dual Boot Linux Ubuntu on Windows PC "install 2 operating systems" - Duration: 7:46. I have installed ubuntu as dual boot with Windows 8.Nope. Theres but one entry in there, its Hard Disk, and, when you do that, Windows 8 is what you getIn the past, Ive booted into versions of Linux using the tool, admittedly on Windows XP. you could install Grub and mount the iso it works really well instead of going under manage and partitioning the hard drive post xp install.4. It uses the windows MBR to boot Ubuntu. Can you dual-boot windows98 and windows xp? You can dual boot anything as long as they are on different hard drive partitions.If you dont have enough hard-dive space on your computer for two operating systemsIn Linux Ubuntu. How do you dual boot Windows Vista and Ubuntu correctly? Installing Windows XP. Create a second partition. Install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Hard drive is about 320 GB SATA.When you install ubunut grub will take over the Master boot record process. Your on the right track. I have two Hds and Ubuntu 6.10 installed on the master and WinXP on the slaveapcmag.com/5459/dualbootubuntuandwindowsxp Notice inIf the Windows HDD doesnt boot up its likely that all youd have to do isThe hdn,m are the drive and partition numbers. n is which hard drive counting Make sure eject your CD-ROM or change bios to boot hard drive as first priority.One computer with two operating system. Windows XP and Linux Ubuntu. Click here to download full video. Windows XP.Heres a quick tutorial that shows you how to dual boot Ubuntu 12.10 and Windows 8. Dual-Boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.10.How to Partition a Hard Drive in Windows 8. How to Mount an ISO image file Windows 8. I have two hard drives in my desktop computer, one with Ubuntu on it, one with Windows XP on it. I would like to be able to dual-boot between the hard drives, so at my bios I can choose to run either one. [ubuntu] Two hard drives. Dual boot Ubuntu and Windows on separate HDDs?Ubuntu. :confused:I had Suse Linux and Windows XP working on two separate hard drives (2-3 years). That died, so I went out and bought two new (bigger) hard drives to start fresh. It has 1 internal and 1 External hard drive. I have a bootable USB with Ubuntu on it and a copy of windows XP. Is their a way of installing Ubuntu onto the external hard drive and Windows onto the internal HD so that I can choose which one it should boot from without having to remove the internal I have a 250 G hard drive with windows XP on it.title Ubuntu 8.04, memtest86 root (hd0,0) kernel /boot/memtest86.bin quiet. I currently have Windows XP installed on a 160 GB hard drive for things that I cannot do on Ubuntu. I would like to know if its possible to install the other hard drive, and then dual boot Windows with it? Effectively dual booting across two hard drives. Two Hard Drives. I have two HDs. Ones a SATA on which I have installed Mint 8.0.everyone, I am using Ubuntu 7.04 and Windows XP Pro in a dual boot setup on two seperate 80G drives. Windows Software: Windows XP SP2 (Later upgraded to SP3). Linux Software: Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog 5.04 (Later upgraded to Breezy Badger 5.10) (Later upgraded to Dapper Drake 6.06) (Later upgraded to Edgy EftMake sure your BIOS is set up to boot from the CD before the hard drive. Converting a single disk-drive notebook computer into a dual-boot Windows XP/Ubuntu Linux system requires advance planning and careful execution of multiple sequences of steps. I have an old functioning dual boot ubuntu/xp on at 2TB hard drive. I recently installed win7 on another 1TB hard drive. (both are properly sub partitioned acc.Tags : 14.04 dual-boot windows-7 windows-xp sata. Setting Up Dual Boot. Of. Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux.Ubuntu Linux is to be installed on a new hard drive, completely separate from the Windows drive.Now, two more changes need to be made to the menu. Search thru the menu text and look for these two lines. I have 2 SATA hard drives. Drive 0 has Windows XP, and is labeled Drive H: (I have no Idea why:confused:, but I understand that now I cannot change it to C) Drive 1 has Ubuntu.I didnt find much on dual boot using two drives. thanks again for the help. In this tutorial I will teach you how to dual-boot between Windows XP/Vista and Ubuntu. This tutorial will be split up into two partsWe arent going to give XP the entire hard drive as we will be giving some to Ubuntu also. [Howto] Dualboot 2 drives Ubuntu/Win. All of my home network test machines, with the1. Get the docs, bios, and hard drive instructions for the target machine and drives (Google/Yahoo will do the trick).You can uncomment if you need to add another second windows test/dual- boot drive Dual booting Linux with boot.ini, and two hard drives?What I would like to do is dual boot between Windows 2000 (current system) and Ubuntu Linux distro (just to try it out).

Dual Boot XP/Ubuntu Linux Partitions 1 and 2 of my drive are NTFS, 1 holds WinXP, 2 holds data. In this tutorial I will teach you how to dual-boot between Windows XP/Vista and Ubuntu. This tutorial will be split up into two partsThis time we will add the hard drive space for Ubuntu to use. Give it what ever amount of space you would like depending on your hard drive space. But yesterday, after struggling to install new hard drive into my PC, then I was successfully install Ubuntu and make it dual boot with my Windows XP. My Ubuntu specs It is really difficult for me to set them to dual boot from two different hard drive. But yesterday, after struggling to install new hard drive into my PC, then I was successfully install Ubuntu and make it dual boot with my Windows XP. My Ubuntu specs. It is really difficult for me to set them to dual boot from two different hard drive. How to correct partitions and how to install Ubuntu Linux dual boot with Windows XP - video tutorial.Now I understand that if I 7 windows C: partition and Ubuntu partition F should not be two hard drives, you just set, ie to have a possibly empty partition example for beginners, but I wonder I have two hard disks, one with 500 GB, second with 80 GB. I am using them to save my Window data from the Linux fileNow I want to use Ubuntu 11.04 on the 80 GB drive, so I have installed Ubuntu on it.However, when I restart, I dont find any boot list and it directly opens Windows XP. these commands add an entry of Windows in GRUB menu and setup dual boot in Two harddisks setup.1) first disconnect the original hard drive and put the new drive and put the windows xp disk and restart and start installing xp in it. I have two hard drives and one is 15 gb and I have 14gb left, how would I install Ubuntu onto that drive, and then, if I install it right.Similar Topics. I want to dual boot Ubuntu 7.10 and XP. Windows Dual Boot Hard Drives Ubuntu.Dual Boot XP and Windows 7 (each) on TWO Individual Hard Drives. solved Dell Inspiron 15 7567: Possibility of Adding Two 240GB SSD For Windows And Ubuntu Dual Boot. Computer with Windows XP installed. About 5 GB of free hard drive space, a lot more is recommended. Any Ubuntu desktop install CD get the new version (9.04) here.Cancel the installation, eject the CD, and boot Windows XP. Then try again. A dual-boot of Windows XP Ubuntu is created with Windows boot manager (NTLDR) in charge of the boot menu. The original Windows XP installation will remain intact (but on smaller hard disk space unless you use a second hard disk). windows 7, windows XP , windows 8, Linux, ubuntu boot or boot from usb.Install windows 8 From a USB Drive, dual-boot with XP, Vista and 7.zip. But that is just Windows. So how do I make this laptop dual boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu using Ubuntu 14.x and Windows 8.1?Once Disk Management opens, you will most likely see an unexpected number of partitions the days of Windows XP and one or two partitions seem over Dual Booting XP Ubuntu by Installing on Separate Hard Disks - 2 replies. Microsoft cooks up OLPC dual-boot mud pie - 3 replies.Dual Boot Windows and Linux - 55 replies. Want to "dual boot" my PC but dont know where to start Dual-boot Ubuntu 16.10, Windows 10 on a PC with UEFI Make GRUB the default Boot Manager on an HP 250 G5.Ive set on my boot menu, priority first to the hard drive with ubuntu isntalled, but it always load Windows XP instead(installed in the main hard drive).

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