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Hi. Sorry to hear you lost your iphone. If Find My iPhone cant locate a device, the last known location is displayed for up to 24 hours.Mine was set and still it did not show the last location within 24h. Find My iPhone Not showing last location. Hey gang, My Iphone 5s basically disappeared this past Sunday and when I realized it was missing I tried the Find My iPhone app and it was offline.So, I have a problem with my Location Services. My iPhone 5 cant be located in "Find Friends". Most new iPhones already have the app called Find My iPhone. It tracks the location of your iPhone from another Apple device using the internet.If your iphone is not connected to internet to shows you last location when your phone is connected to internet. Alternatively, launch the Find My iPhone app on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch > log into your iCloud account > select the devices name that is lost or stolen.If your devices battery dies, it is switched off or it loses connection, the last known location will be shown for 24 hours. Hi, my iphone was stolen yesterday and find my iphone doesnt show last iphone location. It is not 24 hours yet, the phone is off now but it was on before with active data and location services turned on.

What can I do to find the location? iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3. If the phone has been powered off or the battery has died, it will show you the last known location of your phone.How can I find my iPhone if it is in a location I cannot go to? wikiHow Contributor. After that, just toggle on Send Last Location. How can I find my iPhone, even if it is dead, on an iPad or from a friends iPhone.Note: Once you have selected your missing iPhone then the map will show you where your lost iPhone is even if it is dead. iPhone shows white screen with black Apple.3. Now you need to slide on to Find My iPhone and Send Last Location to turn them on. 4. You may be asked to sign in to your Apple ID, sign in into it. Forums iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch iPhone iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting. Find My iPhone Not showing last location. Discussion in iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting started by robedge3, Feb 19, 2015. Our guide below will show you how to find and enable that setting. Here is how to turn on the option that uploads your iPhones last location when the battery is low .Select the Find My iPhone option. Turn on the Send Last Location option.

How to get Find My iPhone to give out the last known location - Duration: 4:41. iPhonelifehax 5,109 views.Show more. Language: English. Location: Russia. Restricted Mode: Off. History. But my DD was playing on the sofa with her iPad at 9am while I let the plumber in and showed him the issues etc.Sep 30, 2014 Use Send Last Location to Find a Lost iPhone Even If Battery is Dead. Every weekday from 2pm - 4pm. Show Info. Share. My Queue.Slide both the Find My iPhone and Send Last Location toggles to active. Finding your iPhone. If you have this feature switched on and your phone goes missing, heres what you do. Guide to find dead iPhone without Battery and Find My iPhone enabled. Track lost iPhone with or without iCloud and find last location on map.You can lock your lost iPhone when the Lost Mode option is enabled on Find My iPhone app. In addition, it will also show a phone number to contact in What this means for you as the person looking for the missing iPhone, is that the last place it was physically located will show up on your very own Find My iPhone map, and with that, hopefully the ability to go find theHelp Find Your iPhone Even if Battery Dies by Enabling Send Last Location . I have lost my iphone 3. I have placed it in Lost Mode however it is only showing my last location at 7 pm last night. How can i see the last 24 hours? it is in Grey so not on Find My iPhone only keeps a history of locations after you put it in lost mode. The Find My iPhone app helps you find not only immediately and start tracking its location. Find My iPhone will show you where its been over the last 24 The Send Last Location sends you the last location of your Phone automatically, even though it is running on low battery and sometimes on dead battery. This is the awesome addition with Find My iPhone and has relieved many iOS 8 users. This is also suitable for Find My Friends shows wrong location of .Not only is this where you find the switch to enable Find My iPhone on a particular device, but you ll find a new switch to enable the Send Last Location feature we just discussed. Automatically send the last known location of this iPhone to Apple when the battery drains to a critical level, writes Apple. This new Send Last Location switch is available under a dedicated Find My iPhone section in iOS 8 Settings > iCloud. Dont show this again.Settings path to enable Find My iPhone to send the last location before the battery dies. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET.

Youll need to enable this feature for it to start working, but doing so is a piece of cake. It will show you all the location traces of your iPhone along-with timestamps. Pretty smart, right? Once you find out the last location trace point, you should inform the local authorities about it in case you arent sure if you lost the phone or it was stolen. I received notification that Find iPhones remote erase had been started on my lost MacBook on a specific time. I suppose someone brought it online, Apple detected it and initialized the remote wipe request I had set up. Somehow Its not showing the last location, which is weird to me. It uses the GPS or location services on your iPhone or iPad to show you where it is on a map.Tap the slider next to Find My iPhone so that it is green. It is now turned on. There is a second option below this to Send Last Location. iCloud Last Known Location | Official Apple Support Apr 07, 2013 Why wont the Find My iPhone on the iCloud show the last know location? The battery is dead now, but shouldnt it show the last place it had a signal? If you turned off location services on your phone for better battery performance or because of privacy concerns, you wont be able to locate your phone using the Find My iPhone app or the iCloud tracking features. Turn this on in Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone -> Send Last Location. Sometimes, the map will show your iPhone in a general area within a block or two of its actual location. This way you can find your iPhones last location.STEP 6: Once you sign into your account using your Apple ID, youll get a screen shown in the below image. Click the Find My iPhone application, to know the location of your iPhone or any other iOS device. In this case, your iCLOUD account map or the app will show the last known location of your iPHONE, iPAD or Mac. How to use Find My iPhone in iOS 9 and later versions.How to Fix iPhone not Turning On. Find My iphone - Show last search 07/07/2017 I lost my iphone yesterday and since then its not online. There must be a feature of knowing a history of last location. If you turn on "Send Last Location", Find My iPhone will show the last location on the map, Check the Notify Me When Found box to have Find My iPhone let you know when your device connects to the Internet so you can find it. This option sends your devices last-known location to Apple where it is about to run out of the battery. Because enabling Find My iPhone needs powerJust like the picture we show to you. Step 6: When you done these things, it is time for you to click the device name of the device, which you want to track. Show Less. Ask Your Own Smartphones Question.Can you please explain your issue a bit more? Do you want not to find the location of your iPhone using Find my iPhone app? If you werent shown the two-step authentication, then you should see your iCloud dashboard after signing in.Look at the timeline on the left side and scroll to its end to find the last reported location of your iPhone. One of the most important iCloud features is arguably Find My iPhone, a free service from Apple that lets users track the location of misplaced, lost, or stolen iPhones, iPads, and even Macs. Live tracking will not work, but Find My iPhone may still be able to lead you to your missing phone by showing you its last known location. Read: Apple Might Start Using Self-Healing Displays on iPhones Soon. You can also track your iPhone in the map, which would be there in the background of the Find My iPhone web app on and show the last location of your iPhone. Having selected your phone, Find My iPhone will show you on a map its last known location, and offer options to sound an alarm, lock it or erase its contents. For a more thorough guide to Find My iPhone see our sister site Macworld: How to use Find My iPhone. Step. Click the "Find My iPhone" application. The service loads a map that shows the last known location of all devices connected to your iCloud account, assuming those devices have Find My iPhone/iPad enabled. Thankfully, Apple has finally added support for the Airpods in Find My iPhone app that will help you locate your missing Airpods using the app.Even if they are out of range, the app can still help you by showing the last known location of the Airpods. Note that the last location of your device will be seen in the Find my iPhone app (App Store link) or the Find my iPhone web app on (link). I am not sure why Apple decided to keep this feature disabled by default. You can also download the Find My iPhone app for another Apple device if you happen to have one. iCloud will attempt to locate your device, so you can decide whether its simply slipped down the back of the sofa or if its somewhere entirely different to where you last had it. If you have Find My iPhone enabled but your device is turned off or out of battery power, the best the Find My iPhone site can do is to show the devices last known location for 24 hours. After selecting your Device ,Find My iphone show you the last location of this device in the map like image below and give you option like sound alarm on iPhone, lock it or delete its contents. But breathe easy, its just as simple to track the last location of a dead iPhone as it is to find one full of battery life. Well use iCloud and Find My iPhone to getChoose your missing iPhone from the list. A big dot on the map will show you where its located. You can zoom in and out by pinching your fingers. Be sure to toggle Find my iPhone to ON with a tap. Now, look down the page a bit and youll see Send Last Location. This will automatically send the location of your iPhone to Apple when the battery is critically low. Find My iPhone will pinpoint the iPhones current location using Google Maps and let owners send and display a message on the iPhone even if its locked, presumably to provide information on how to return the phone to the owner of the phone. Suchergebnisse fr find my iphone last location. hnliche Suchen.If your iPhone has been stolen or lost, you need to know how to use Find My iPhone. This iPhone locator service may be the thing that helps you get it back. How "Find My iPhone" App helps locate lost iPhone?I am Registered on iCloud > Enabled location services > Turned on Find My iPhone App > Lost my iPhone - what am I supposed to do? Descriptively called Send Last Location, it sends the last known location of the iOS device to Apple when the battery becomes critically low. What this means for you as the person looking for the missing iPhone, is that the last place it was physically located will show up on your very own Find My

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