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(.input).keypress(function (e) if (e.which 13) (formlogin). submit() return false //<---- Add this line ) NOTE: You accepted bendeweys answer, but it is incorrect with its description of e.preventDefault(). Check out this stackoverflow answer: event.preventDefault() vs. return false. Search.You will not be showing a submit button in the form and will be able to trigger form submit using javascript. Only drawback pressing ENTER will also submit the from. function submitOnEnter(field, event) if (event.getKey() event.ENTER) field.up( form).getForm().submit()This entry was posted in Programming and tagged extjs, javascript.

Bookmark the permalink. ExtJs 4 proxy calls Create instead of Update. No Submit Buttons. Many sites do not have a submit button within the form. From the spec heres how browsers determine what to do when enter is clicked.Ive seen a few forms that do not use the

HTML tag. Why would they do that? With modern day browsers and JavaScript libraries its EDIT 2: As in some newer versions of Firefox the form submission is not prevented, its safer to add the keypress event to the form as well. Also it doesnt work (anymore?) by just binding the event to the form "name" but only to the form id. If that isnt an option somehow, then youll have to write some Javascript which does a form.submit() or invokes the desired submit button and attach it to the onkeypress event. The event.

keyCode of the enter key is 13. [ August 25, 2008: Message edited by: Bauke Scholtz ]. This works simply so that if the user hits ENTER and if that would trigger form submission on the browser, then (if JavaScript is enabled) theLess frequently, we might wish to try to make ENTER in a text input field act as a submit request, on browsers where that does not normally happen. Usually form is submitted on Enter when you have focus on input elements. We can disable Enter key (code 13) on input elements within a formHere it is my detailed answer for a similar topic: Disabling enter key for form. In short, here is the code:

document.nameofForm.submit() . Add this onload function to body tag, we are executing onLoadSubmit function on page load. I have a form with a textbox and a button. IE is the only browser that will not submit the form when Enter is pressed (works in FF, Opera, Safari, Chrome, etc.). I found this javascript function to try to coax IE into behaving but no avail The submit() method submits the form (same as clicking the Submit button). Tip: Use the reset() method to reset the form. Browser Support.JavaScript Tutorial: JS Forms/Validation. Tags: javascript forms key submit enter.Oh that is because the HTML form element does not recognize the link as a button, to click you need to replace it with a button Submit form Onclick using JavaScript, we will explain you different ways to submit a form using id, class, name and tag of form with the help of submit() function.Disable Autocomplete of Form Fields. Form Submit On Pressing Enter Key. « Previous HTML JavaScript Next ». So, what is "focused form"? Imagine two forms on a single web page.The objective here is to submit the "focused" form when the user hits Enter. Very simple since you have only one field. EITHER.

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